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About Regions and Cities Development Authorities

Under the resolution of Council of Ministers No.(475) on regulating the regions and cities development authorities issued on 7 Ramadan 1439 A.H corresponding to 22 May 2018, the development authorities according the law aim at the inclusive planning and development in the urban, residential, economical, developmental, social, cultural, environmental, and digital infrastructure fields. Furthermore, they aim to fulfill and provide the regions needs of services and public utilities.

The regions and cities development authorities have a key role in unifying and adapting the developmental resolutions among the relevant authorities aimed at maximizing the benefits of the community and regional economy, achieving the optimum exploitation of resources and possibilities and fulfilling the needs of the regions and cities. This role includes:

  • Enhancing the urban scene.
  • Elevating quality of life through the implementation of the relevant public policies for developing regions and cities.
  • Establishing comprehensive strategic plans and schemes.
  • Executing and following up projects and plans in coordination and partnership with the competent authorities.
  • Applying enhancement indexes and measuring the efficiency of the urban performance to ensure a balanced development and sustainable economy within the comprehensive development approach.